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5201 E. WARREN AVE.   |   DENVER, CO 80222

Kingdom Ministry Training.


12 week class held twice a year on Sunday nights from 6:00 - 9:30pm in the Sanctuary. 


Taught by various BridgeWay Church staff members.

  1.  To provide a clear, Word-based understanding of the Kingdom ministry of Jesus Christ as He preached, modeled, and conferred it upon His disciples.

  2. To introduce every believer to a basic Kingdom ministry methodology, flowing from dialogue with the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit. We will discuss the personal character, and basic protocol issues surrounding Kingdom one-on-one ministry, preaching and prayer engagements.

  3. To model one-on-one Kingdom ministry encounters, including doing the things that Jesus did, such as following His voice, ministering God’s forgiveness, mercy, salvation, healing, and deliverance.  Our prayer is your current paradigm will shift.

  4. To impart faith, vision, confidence, and the desire to minister the Kingdom of God in every context in which we live.  (Note:  We believe Jesus has released all His disciples to minister the Kingdom of God to others at home, work, in the marketplace, or other settings, with the confident expectation that God will work to answer their prayers—often in the moment—to extend His Kingdom, through love, authoritative power, divine encounters, signs, wonders, and miracles.)

  5. To impart spiritual gifts and power from Heaven to do the works that Jesus did in ministering His Kingdom reality.

  6. To provide hands on experience (literally) in ministering Kingdom realities to one another. We will do this in an atmosphere of testimony and trial and error, as we probe the realities of God’s Kingdom and how to minister it together.

  7. Leadership and Altar Ministry:  While all are free to minister the Kingdom in any context by the commission of Jesus, we are looking to adequately train our leaders and altar ministry-team members so that people attending our church or conferences feel safe and receive excellent ministry from teams of people who move in the love of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit, and are subject to leadership, correction and accountability.  This class is a prerequisite to being accepted on the altar team.  An Application Form for our altar team will be made available to you after the class.