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5201 E. WARREN AVE.   |   DENVER, CO 80222

Marriage & Family.


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Leaders: Bret Rutland, Nicholas Barta

We believe that Heaven’s government is relational connection through family.  Family is best modeled by God Himself through the relational connection between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as One.  Family is forged through unconditional love and acceptance where there is a covenant formed between God and family.  We believe in fighting for this most precious covenant at all costs and to help marriages and families embrace what unconditional love and acceptance looks like in their lives and in their families while also embracing the value of having nothing hidden between one another. 


“There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out all fear” (1 John 4:18).  We believe that by bringing everything into the Light of Jesus, no darkness or fear can remain and therefore true, lasting freedom and joy can be restored in marriages and in families!  “…Pharaoh reveals what Satan fears most-families who worship together with reckless abandon, using all their assets for the glory of God.  This absolutely terrifies the devil, because nothing will be withheld from this kind of people.” (Bill Johnson from “Face to Face with God”).  Families that have embraced God’s design and embody Kingdom values will become pillars in the Body to see natural and spiritual sons and daughters raised up in their identity and destiny.

Love After Marriage (LAM)- (We hold LAM annually)

Marriage can be really hard. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married a month or 20 years… We’ve all had those times of escalating conflicts, feeling hurt and frustrated toward each other, and experiencing the pain and stress of disconnection – even hopelessness at times. We understand, and have helped thousands of couples learn how to restore, maintain, and deepen the connection in their marriage relationship, regardless of their history. Unfortunately, almost all of us enter into married life with a lack of skills and tools to help create the marriage we desire – one filled with love, intimacy, enjoyment, hope, and security. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. THERE IS HOPE.


Love After Marriage (LAM), by Barry and Lori Byrne, has helped countless married couples experience a level of relationship they never thought possible. With disarming transparency and vulnerability from their own lives, Barry and Lori share insights on how to draw closer to your spouse and the overwhelming benefits of pushing past the hurts and disconnection that we all have felt from time to time.




For those who are looking to get married, we have a pre-marital program called Cultivating Covenant, to help you build a solid foundation for your marriage and future.  Our Cultivating Covenant pre-marital program is highly interactive and relational where our couples deepen their relational connection with each other through live and video teaching that centers on Kingdom Biblical principles for marriage and through life-on-life interaction with other pre-marital couples as well as mentor couples who walk alongside the pre-marital couples and pour into their foundation of a healthy, well-connected marriage rooted in God’s unfailing love.  We usually host our 8-week Cultivating Covenant pre-marital class in February/March, and if couples pre-marital falls outside of this time frame, we offer pre-marital counseling with a staff pastor as schedules allow.

For more information on either Love After Marriage (LAM) or Pre-marital, you can contact Bret Rutland by clicking the

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