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5201 E. WARREN AVE.   |   DENVER, CO 80222

BridgeWay Youth


(Middle & High School ages)


ABLAZE Worship Practice begins at 8:30a

ABLAZE Worship Begins at 9:30a


Meeting Place- The Great Room

Who: Middle and High School Students

What time: Sunday mornings at 9:30a


Pastoral Interns: Blair Perrin, Brittany Sanderlin, Neil Sanderlin


Youth Scope and Sequence Outline

Bridgeway Values (DNA of the church):

  • Presence of God

  • Kingdom of God

  • Covenant Family

  • Life-Giving Leadership

  • Intimacy with God

  • Identity in Christ

  • Freedom

  • Fullness of the Spirit

  • Empowering People

  • Expanding the Kingdom


Youth Values: This is what we want the youth to be absorbing a greater knowledge of through every teaching.

  • Identity in Christ (Freedom)

  • Fullness of the Spirit

  • Intimacy/Presence with God

  • The Nature of God (goodness)

  • Covenant Family

  • Leadership/Empowerment

  • Expanding the Kingdom (Sharing your faith)



  • Bridgeway Student Ministries is a safe place for students to be themselves, meet Jesus, find wholeness and freedom, and walk in the fullness of sonship and inheritance. We do this by creating a culture of transparency, truth, and victory; in which we champion our students in who they are and whose they are. The heartbeat of Bridgeway Student Ministries is to cultivate Worship, Fellowship, and Family.

    • Worship: Cultivating an atmosphere that centers on The Presence and that passionately pursues His presence in worship. Worship is also the lifestyle of the community. This means that the lives of the volunteers are laid down, prostrate before the King in yielding rest and complete dependence on the finished work of Jesus.

    • Fellowship: Creating a culture where relationships are real, open, and honest and founded on unconditional love and grace. We seek to disciple through relational youth ministry. That means our first goal is to love genuinely those under our care. We love boldly and recklessly for the sole purpose of revealing Jesus to the students in all purity and power.

    • Family: We want to establish the culture on the foundation of family. This means that we come together in unity for the purpose of mutual edification and love for one another. We are united in Christ and participate both in Him and in one another.



Core Values Explained

Here in Bridgeway Student Ministries, we value P.I.E.S and we practice these values

in all we do!


Presence: We want to be a people who gather around the all-consuming

fire of the Presence of God. First and foremost we must have His presence. We

pursue, find rest in, and live our lives from the furnace of His presence, and

we labor to ignite this same passion in the hearts of our students.

(Ex 33:11)


Identity: We seek to establish students in their identity in Christ and choose

to no longer regard anyone according to the flesh. Meaning we relate to each

other based on the cross of Christ and not our behavior or actions.

(2 Cor 5:17)


Encounter: We are a people who treasure the power and necessity of

personal encounter with God, and thus we seek to cultivate an environment in

which we can make space for the Holy Spirit to have His way in the hearts of our


(Acts 9:3-6)

Scripture: The Bible is the heart of God portrayed and preserved for us in

words, and we value and honor the Word of God beyond measure. Therefore, we seek

to instill a passion and love for the Word in the lives of our students. We not

only center all our teaching on a plain reading of Scripture, but we seek to

equip students to study the Word on their own.

(2 Tim 3:16-17)


Youth Group Legacy (what do the youth “graduate” with?):


An in-depth understanding of identity in Christ, freedom in Christ, relationship with the Trinity and how to share their faith effectively. We deeply desire to see the youth encounter God in significant ways and see the awe of His presence manifested in their lives in a tangible way. Encountering a supernatural God through an authentic and intimate relationship with Him is of utmost importance. We want the youth to own their commitment to Christ because it is real to them and we want to empower them to lead others into that same relationship with God. We know that creating a family culture is the greatest way to see growth and transformation and to reflect God's love--to the youth and among leadership.

  1. Identity in Christ

  2. Intimacy with God

  3. Healthy (kingdom) Relationships

  4. How to study the Bible

  5. How to Share the Gospel